Jodi Picoult Anaylsis of Texts

Topics: Adolescence, Nineteen Minutes, The Pact Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: August 3, 2011
My research into the well known author Jodi Picoult was extremely intriguing and highlighted some important types of issues in today’s society. The narratives’ I studied were My sister’s Keeper, Nineteen Minutes and Handle with care.

What are the orthodox issues in Jodi Picoult’s writing?
Jodi Picoult’s approaches one particular type of issue in all of her texts. These are modern day adolense issues. These issues are easily adapted to fix a multi character text. This highlights that adolescence issues affect everybody. Jodi Picoult’s uses this universal theme through all of her novels. This theme also adapts other crucial themes such as betrayal and medical problems. Adolescence issues: Teenaged Amelia O’Keeffe is no regular adolescent. She has a serious self caused medical issue. This is Bulimia and self infliction. She feels her life is not worth living. Everything causes her pains he does not understand and this is the easiest escape out. Her parents are divorcing, while her mother is suing her best friend’s mother for the birth of her sister. This sobering situation in Handle with care is too much for a teenager to comprehend. Amelia just wants “to hurt and understand exactly why I was hurting. this made sense: you cut, you felt pain , period..: I was just breathing .I closed my eyes anticipating each thin cut , feeling that wash of relief when it was done . God, it felt so good.” Amelia has fallen into an increasingly common rut that millions of teens experience. This confused life style is a typical basis for self infliction and bulimia. This is because the person is unstable leading them to feel insecure and confused. Jodi Picoult’s stresses these issues to the audience. She describes how loved ones feel about Amelia and how they assist her to live a healthy life. Picoult’s is expressing her concern towards these situations. She develops character Josie Cormier into a similar situation as Amelia. In Nineteen Minutes Josie‘s...
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