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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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To start with, nowadays education has an important role in determining young people’s employability. It is the obvious option for those who want to improve their skills and gain the necessary qualifications to take the career they most desire. Nevertheless, the world of work has changed quite a lot from the past, concerning its economical, technological and social changes.

First of all, in these days, we are facing a senseless race for degrees and diplomas, since young people see it as a way of almost guaranteeing a good job. Even though this isn’t true, their parents also wish to send them to the best universities with the same finality. But the fact’s that this mentality has corrupted the purpose of education in such a way that it made it become almost a business.

Secondly, the world of work is constantly changing because of many scientific and technological developments. In one hand, during the past decades countless new fields of employment have opened up due to the discovery of several technological inventions, which has raised the number of possible jobs to be taken, consequently leading to the diminishing of the unemployment. But in the other hand, many work posts have simultaneously been replaced by machines, which has also unemployed lots of workers. In spite of the fact that it creates a certain balance, as we can see nowadays its tendency is to make more workers lose their jobs than to employ people in new ones, depending on the effects of the great recession.

Also, in comparison with elder times, education and employment have been greatly changed. Nowadays, it is harder for everyone to find a job, no matter what their age is. People aren’t struggling anymore to get a degree. While decades ago there were very few people with a degree, today almost everyone frequents school and a great part attends to university. Therefore, there are much more people with the same qualifications for the same jobs, which didn’t happen in the past because...
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