Job Analysis: Assistant Store Managers at Today's Fashion

Topics: Job description, Management, Store manager Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: June 10, 2011
Job Analysis: Assistant Store Managers at Today's Fashion
Problem Statement
Mary Watson has no formal training in description and specification of job analysis process. Analysis and Evaluation
Mary Watson was awarded a promotion for her ability to manage a department line of clothing Mary had been both a store manager and an assistant manager in a casual wear department. She is now the regional manager for the Pacific Coast, which is one of the largest Fashion’s markets. Mary will manage 35 outlets in California and Oregon; each outlet has a store manager who falls under Mary leadership. Mary has to figure out how she is going to formulate how she is going to run her outlets. She ran against up a major concern with what each outlet manager duty and responsibility is. The departments vary considerably in size and in the number of sales clerks reporting to the assistant manager. Each assistant manager is responsible for one particular specialty departments. Problem with that is Mary only had work in casual wear so she does not have all the sale experience in the other several lines of wears, Mary has to learn as well before she can figure out what each manager duty description of the job. Mary never often though that she was responsible for many aspects of store management that other assistant managers were not held responsible for. Mary never really felt comfortable that her store manager had clearly defined her area of responsibility; this may be why she comes short in the areas of management because of understanding in her job description. According, to the discussion question the critical evaluation of job analysis was not by the book, the method that she used was not appropriate for the analysis. The method that Mary chose was Occupational Information Network (O*NET) because it is broken down into six separate groups and is reader friendly easy to understand and a variety of individuals can use these O*NET. Also consist of areas that is need in...
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