Job Analysis

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As an athletic director your job requires you to oversee the athletic department, coaches, and sport teams. Other tasks you will have to deal with are running fundraising events, distributing money and field or court time evenly between teams, and contacting people for donations. Some additional responsibilities include ending sport teams and hiring or firing employees. An athletic director supervises the ordering of equipment and scheduling of events, games and matches. They also can act as representatives for athletes and coaches. Athletic directors should also have a good relationship with the athletes of their school’s sports teams. They must support them in their academics by monitoring their grades and behavior in class. They must also show support for them by attending athletic events and encouraging all of them equally. Athletic directors must also be able to be on good terms with parents and guardians, and to listen to their ideas or concerns. In forming these relationships, athletic directors can build a sense of trust with all of those involved in the athletic department, as well as be aware of any issues that may arise among them. All in all an athletic directors job is to provide guidance and direction for their school’s sports program and work behind the scenes to create a good environment for the school’s student athletes. (Barr, Hums, Masteralexis 148,178-179) ("Athletic Director Job Profile.")

The financial responsibilities an athletic director has to take care of. An athletic directors job responsibility includes managing the schools funding and budgets of the athletic programs and making sure that every team is given a fair distribution of resources to help them succeed. In addition to managing the athletic department budget, athletic directors also have to promote their school’s athletic teams in order to generate public interest in sporting events. As an athletic director you will have to deal with the...
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