Joan of Arc

Topics: Joan of Arc, Charles VII of France, Charles VI of France Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Joan of Arc led the French armies to several military victories over the English, all the while claiming to receive her strength and orders from God. Once she was in English hands, she was put on trial as a heretic. Do you think there was any chance that she would receive a fair trial? Why did the French not attempt to save her from her fiery fate?

Joan of Arc is perhaps one of France’s most well-known Heroine. She is known for being pivotal in the expulsion of the English Army from French lands.(Hunt 2009) The fact that Joan of Arc was only seventeen years old when she accomplished such great feats helps cement her as one of the great figures during the Hundred Years’ War. She was inspired to perform such great feats by her dedication and loyalty to God. She claimed that God transmitted a vision to her, to assemble an Army and defeat the English Army. While this inspired followers and earned the love of the people, it would eventually lead to claims of witchery and heresy that would eventually lead to her death. In May 1430 Joan of Arc was captured and turned over to the English government. The English government appointed Bishop Cauchon to preside of the trial. During the trial she was found guilty and burned at the stake, a total of two times to prevent any piece of her to be saved as a relic (Hunt 2009). The Trial of Joan of Arc was without a doubt politically motivated. Joan of Arc did not stand a chance for a fair trial at all. Historians have noted several inconstancies that prove Joan of Arc lacked a trial where any outcome but death was feasible. These inconstancies’ include, Bishop Cauchun lacking jurisdiction over the case under ecclesiastical law, she was denied her right to a legal advisor, her request to have French ecclesiastics was also denied, and virtually no adverse evidence was presented during the trial (Veronique 1999) Up to this date there still is no concrete evidence as to why King Charles VII did not intervene or attempt...
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