Topics: Termination of employment, Want, Future Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Case # 1. Due date Monday 1/28/2013
Read the case at the start of Chapter 8 in the text: 8.1 You’ve Got Mail…and You’re Fired! The Case of RadioShack The case write-up should be 2 – 3 pages using a standard 12 point font. The assignment should be attached as a word document and e-mailed to me (sandra.ryan@ttu.edu) by 9am on the due date. Anyone needing to hand in a hard copy may do so at the start of class. 1. What communication barriers did RadioShack likely experience as a result of terminating employees via mass e-mail? I believe that RadioShack experienced many communication barriers. These ranging anywhere from the ordinary “tone” of the person who is telling you that you are going to be fired, to the complicated question of “Why?” You can tell a lot from a person’s tone. It shows compassion and sorrow for what is happening. The person who is being fired life has changed forever. They now have to go home and depending on if they have a family or not have to try and explain what has happened. Next the person is going to want to know why they are being let go from their former position. Is it something they did? Can they change their old ways, and get their job back? These are all questions that should be answered in person and not be left in an individual’s mind at such a crucial time. 2. What do you think RadioShack’s underlying motivation was in using this form of communication? I feel like RadioShack was scared to tell the people the truth. No matter what the actual truth was, executives of RadioShack hid behind a mass email sent to employees. To me this is a gutless move because it shows no compassion to your employees, is considered to some as family. Employees should be able to go work trusting the “head honchos” that make the decisions for everybody’s future. 3. What suggestions for the future would you give RadioShack when faced with the need to dismiss a large number of employees? No matter how long it takes next time RadioShack, or...
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