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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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The article published in 2011 ‘Jimmy Savile, eccentric king of children’s TV, dies age 84’ is an written article published b The Guardian. The purpose of the article is to celebrate Jimmy Savile’s life and inform the ready on how ‘extraordinary’ ‘sir’ Jimmy Savile’s career was. Pragmatics are used very seriously in this article as Jimmy Savile recently passed away before the publishing of the article and the writer has been extremely careful and caution with the choice of vocabulary. This is shown as Jimmy Savile is constantly referred to as ‘eccentric’ which is a sensitive adjective usually used when describing a child. Throughout the article Jimmy Savile is showered with compliments and is spoken of with the upmost respect, “with a very high IQ” This makes the reader really admire Jimmy Savile as a tremendous figure in television and ‘very’ really emphasises his attribute. This all the more makes the reader more sorrowful for the loss of ‘radio star’ Jimmy Savile. There are numerous complex sentences used, which allows the writer to give thorough descriptions and allows them to list all of his remarkable achievements. The graphology in the text is a very simple layout with a bold heading at the top of the page which directly catches the reader’s attention. “Jimmy Savile, eccentric king of children’s TV, dies ages 84’ this immediately informs us of the situation and enables us to assume that the following piece is going to be humbling and sympathetic. Also the image which is below the title which is the next thing that strikes you when first glancing at the text looks like a very naive and joyful man.

Similarly to the first text the second text is published by The Guardian and has the same layout, with a bold title at the top of the page, which again immediately gains your attention, with the same image used, normal plain font which gives the text again, a very formal quality. Nevertheless the way in which the text is portrayed could not be more different....
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