Jft2 Task 2

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  • Published: July 19, 2013
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Subject: Organizational Management, Task2

A. Develop an action plan:

1. Analyze the financial and leadership strengths and weaknesses of the Utah Symphony before the merger.

Utah Symphony had a great deal of financial talent, but has been unable to find a strong source for future success. The potential merger builds on these strengths and weaknesses by creating a better future for both companies.

Strength points: Symphony became one of the first orchestras from the western united stated to tour internationally. Unlike artists who worked for the opera, musicians employed by the USO received a full year contract and earned a full time salary. They had well management and financial that they were able to go to several cities and have hundreds concerts

A weaking of the economy, the bursting of the of the internet bubble and subsequent collapse of the stock market, and the tragic of September 11,2001 had led to a decline in public ( ticket sales and individual ,corporate and foundation pledges) support for the arts

The Utah Symphony has its home in Abravanel Hall, which is acclaimed as one of the world's great concert halls - having won awards for both its architecture and its extraordinary acoustics. In addition to performing more than 70 subscription concerts in Abravanel Hall, the Symphony regularly travels around the Intermountain West serving communities in Utah, Wyoming, Nevada and Idaho.

Funding from the Utah State Legislature makes it possible for the Symphony to perform for over 55,000 students each year, both in Abravanel Hall and traveling to schools throughout the state. This could be their weakness point because they are depend on fund to perform over 55,000.

Here are the Leadership strengths and weakness of Utah Symphony before merger. ‘’a’’ through ‘’e’’ is about strengths and ‘’f’’ and ‘’g’’ is leadership weakness of Utah Symphony.


a.Past music director and maestro Maurice Abravanel took symphony from...
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