Jetblue Hits Turbulence

Topics: Airline, Flight attendant, Low-cost carrier Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Ch.2. Business: How Businesses Use Information Systems

Case: JetBlue Hits Turbulence? pp. 74-76.
1. What type of information systems and business functions are described in this case? Streamlined information System and a leaning staff

2. What is JetBlue’s business model?
There business model was to fly one type of plane from one vendor: Airbus A320. They figured this approach enabled the airline to standardize flight operations and maintenance procedures to a degree that resulted in savings. How do its information systems support this business model? Under normal circumstances, the lean staff was sufficient to handles all operations and the computer system functioned well below their capacity.

3. What was the problem experienced by Jet Blue in this case? The problem was JetBlue wasn’t prepared for the fierce ice storm that struck New York. What people, organization, and technology factors were responsible for the problem? JetBlue’s : CEO David G. Neeleman, Vendor Sabre solutions of Southlake, Texas to manage, schedule, and track planes and crews and to develop actual flight plans. Navitaire reservation system.

4. Evaluate JetBlue’s response to the crisis.
What solutions did the airline come up with?
They deployed a new software that would send recorded messages to pilots and flight attendants to inquire about their availability. Neeleman promised to train 100 more employees to serve as back ups, they addressed its customer relations and image problems by creation a customer bill of rights, they also set a maximum holding time for passengers on a delayed plane.

How were these solutions implemented?
One month after the incident, these changes were put through the test when another storm hit the north east. JetBlue cancelled 215 flights early. Do you think that JetBlue found the correct solutions and...
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