Jetblue Business Culture

Topics: Social responsibility, JetBlue Airways, Customer service Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Business Culture:
Jet Blue’s culture is very clear and straightforward, it believes that values drive all the activities and lead to develop the organization. As Ann Rhoades, the director of JetBlue said “JetBlue did not want a mission statement nobody reads. They want words that allow everybody to talk together. Having shared values makes decision-making much easier,” JetBlue has five core values that differentiate it from its competitors: * Safety, which always comes first, JetBlue strive to provide a very safe airline. * Integrity, JetBlue instills a sense of integrity in everything it does, also it believes that it is the only way to do business. * Caring, this means understanding and respecting its customers. * Fun, JetBlue hires, trains and rewards its crewmembers to share and protect its vision, it guarantees that its employees are enjoying their jobs so the customers enjoy their JetBlue experience. * Passion, it is the key which makes their products and services the best in the industry.

Together these five core values not only set JetBlue apart from the competition, but also they are evident in everything it does: its advanced customer service, its environmental and social responsibilities initiatives, its superior products and its marketing and branding. JetBlue management’s assumptions concern future events, forward-looking statements involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions are based on information currently available to them. JetBlue struggles to deal honestly and fairly with all those who encounter in its world, it always tries to provide the accurate information to its customers, crewmembers, shareholders and stakeholders regarding any financial, environmental and social responsibilities. “We are proud of who we are. We believe we stand apart from your everyday airline,” Dave Barger, JetBlue’s CEO, said in his letter of 2007 environmental and social responsibility. He mentioned that JetBlue thinks in innovative ways, it...
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