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Impact of Jesus

History of Western Civilization

If there was a debate focusing on the question of who is the most important, influential, or impactful person in the history of the world, Jesus Christ and Chuck Norris would be neck and neck for the top spot. Although Chuck may present an interesting case, Jesus has to take the cake for how he influenced entire cultures and their cultural beliefs during his time on earth, and almost 2000 years later in the modern era. The amount of lives he has touched is astronomical and continues to grow each and every day.

The impact of Jesus on a day-to-day basis is greatly underestimated. Jesus has accounted for more touchdowns, homeruns, goals, wins, and championships than can even begin to be counted. He has cured more cases of cancer, eliminated more addictions, gotten people out of sticky situations, and simply brightened peoples’ days with little things more than anybody could ever imagine. Granted, these depend on a given person’s religious beliefs, and not everybody tends to thank Christ for the former situations, as well as many others. It can be debated whether Jesus was divine and the son of God, or just a prophet. What cannot be debated is the fact that millions upon millions of people have faith in him, which undeniably affects their lives.

Although Jesus is not universally viewed in the same way some people, for example, Christians, view him, there are numerous facts to support the case for the impact of Jesus. More books have been written about Jesus than any other person or topic, ever (Chapman). If the history of the world is broken into two time periods, separated by a particular person’s birth, that person is influential. When that person’s birth and resurrection, among other events, are celebrated holidays worldwide, they have had an impact on the world. Christmas is a holiday on the twenty-fifth of December, although there are other variations, which celebrates the birth of Christ. Nations around the world, including non-Christian nations, have taken to Christmas and the traditions it carries. Easter is celebrated on different days throughout the year, always on a Sunday. The purpose of Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his crucifixion, which was a Sunday.

Most historical figures were made famous by one or more major events in which they may have had an impact. Most of the events Jesus is associated with were of great significance then, and are still recognized in the same way today. Even more impressive is the fact that Jesus accomplished many of these in the short period of his ministry, lasting only three years. The Four Gospels of Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John all account for Jesus’ many miracles. The definition of the word gospel as the teaching of Christ, and an alternate definition is a thing that is absolutely true (Gospel). According to the Christian Gospels, his ministry started when he was baptized near the River Jordan and ends with the Last Supper in Jerusalem. He began his ministry at approximately age 30, and depending on the source, began in the between the years of 27-29 A.D., and ended anywhere from 30-36 A.D.

One of the miracles Jesus is most associated with is his feat of walking on water. Peter and other men were rowing in the rough seas of Galilee, trying to fulfill the duties of Jesus. The seas were so rough that they were only able to travel a short distance. All of a sudden they looked into the water and saw Jesus walking towards them. Peter could not believe his eyes and started to walk towards Jesus. Instant fear came over him as he started sink, but Jesus walked over and saved him (Matthew).

In the modern era, many people credit Jesus for curing their health issues when their outlook may have been bleak and they recover. It is difficult to provide tangible evidence for such occurrences when he is not physically on earth. However, during his ministry, he performed the miracle of...
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