Topics: World War II, Democracy, World War I Pages: 3 (766 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Jeffersonian School of Thought
Compared to Wilsonian and Hamiltonian whose ideals fit well to achieve peace and security around the world to fulfill their interests; Jeffersonian and Jacksonian models deal in areas within a state’s domestic policy in order to survive. To summarize Jeffersonian ideals, they fear involvement in various forms of foreign interests such as war would cause the federal government to gain unnecessary power, especially within the executive. Corruption would follow, and thus the state would become fragile that would eventually shatter. Jacksonians see foreign policy in a different point of view and approach it with an aggressive personality to fight ONLY for self – interests abroad, emphasizing domestically on the 2nd amendment. Despite this barbaric approach, the importance pursuing self-interests is the only support the government needs to fulfill the ideals of the other three schools of IR thought, especially the Jeffersonians whose ideals is the main reason why democracy remains a strong foothold in the world today.

In the Emmy nominated documentary, Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed, a college professor revealed that “Democracy is fragile and can be destroyed from the within.” Jeffersonians fear that involvement in foreign areas such as military interests can lead to conflict and corruption from the within. For example, the Reichstag in 1933 gave Chancellor Adolf Hitler temporary powers to fix Germany’s problems. However those powers never went away as Hitler used them to build his empire and military-industrial complex that resulted in World War II and the subsequent conquering of the majority of Europe. Despite Jefferson’s push for the Louisiana Territory, after the purchase Jeffersonians opposed all territorial gains of Texas, Oregon, and Hawaii. They feared the United States would transform into a dictatorship similar to the one Hitler formed that was eventually defeated. Despite successes of preventing a dictatorship, there are...
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