Jean Baudrillard and Mass Media

Topics: Rail transport, Total war, Nation Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Assess the significance of Industrialisation in the changing nature of warfare (1619 word count from the 1st essay)
Industrialisation brought with it unprecedented levels of growth in population, which consequently led to a sudden injection of people into more urban areas The correlation between a more educated populous and a change in stance from political leaders was unquestionable. This new emphasis on public opinion could not simply be ignored; there was a shift from the ruling classes to addire to their own needs to now those of the public or risk revolution. New ideas of nationalism, socialism and democracy were now burning in the hearts and minds of the people, who believed in fighting for their country, their freedom, rather than dying due to orders of the king. Politicians and governments alike took brave but much need steps in the new frontier of propaganda, an attempt to level the playing field of shaping public opinion, of which the newspapers where doing so well. This shift that was making the masses more and more vocal was beginning to mute the once dominant voices of their leaders, simultaneously making their views heard and demands meet, which was unprecedented in previous decades. These leaders soon became aware of the fact that they had to ensure their public was pleased with their decisions or else face the repercussions of their decisions Education had the most profound effect on a nation, playing a decisive role in shaping a nations perspective on war, it had the potential to approve, disprove, fight, liberate, or conquer as a whole force. However, national spirit itself was revered; it enabled a country to fight in any war, despite their chance, it gave them a common enemy and common goal, a sense of pride, moreover, it was the crushing of this spirit which could win a country a war

The public education system was provided to work on two fronts to combat the issue of mass illiteracy via compulsory primary education, and in addition...
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