Jaw Crusher Crushing Cavity Design Problems

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Jaw crusher crushing cavity design problems
Jaw crusher crushing cavity consists of moving jaw, jaw plate and two side wall lining. The crushing cavity is the shape of size of feeding mouth, bite Angle, dynamic jaw plate and fixed jaw plate and two lateral wall plate arrangement. And lining board is determined by factors such as the shape of the longitudinal and transverse section.

Crushing cavity of the cavity shape is the direct main economic and technical indicators of impact crusher, such as productivity, energy consumption, product of granularity, grain shape, and the service life of the lining board, etc., thus taking the attention of the scholars at home and abroad to carry on amount of research work. With the continuous development of the crusher, especially in recent years putting forward "more crushing less grinding" increases crushing ratio and improves the quality of products, whether it is design a new crusher or exist old crusher, modification, design the best crushing cavities are very useful.

According to the moving jaw plate trip to calculate each point on the surface of the actual level of rectilinear crushing cavity, and assumes that the moving jaw balance compared to calculate the rectilinear crushing cavity can be seen that the first crushing cavity in the feeding mouth is productivity much, crushing cavity bottom, about a third smaller height in productivity and discharging mouth productivity as both. The reason is that crushing cavity feeding mouth horizontal stroke, greater than the discharging mouth of the horizontal stroke, and in the crushing cavity. About one-third lower height has a minimum level of schedule. Therefore, in order to improve the discharging mouth production crusher and raise productivity, curvilinear crushing cavity can be used in order to get the best crushing cavity shape, variable bite angle of crushing cavity design, and from the discharging mouth to bite angle value Feeding mouth is gradually increasing, but...
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