Japanese Religion

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  • Published: May 10, 2013
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With the advanced of technology in current Japan, the role of religion has change dramatically, it is not only a simply faith in Japanese heart but also a consuetude carry out in daily life. However, it is not easy for people to know all changes of religion from ancient time to nowadays. This paper endeavor to sort out the main changes of traditional religion to new religion and new new religion base on the convention, spirit, role of ancestor and the place of Japan. To do this, I will first briefly introduce the background of traditional religion and the main state of traditional religion in Japan; and then I will explain the main characteristics of new religion and new new religion; after the explanation of both traditional and new religion, I will analyze the change spirit and role of ancestor; lastly, base on the discussion of change in religion, I will give some recommendations and personal opinions to conclusion the paper.

Traditional religion (1603-1868):
Traditional Japan religion can simply classify into three categories: Confucianism, Buddhism and Shintoism. Either of them has the same aim---peace but they explain in different ways. Firstly, Confucianism is a new philosophy which encouraged assisting in the political, educational and social realms.[1] It is mainly a self-discipline and family oriented, Confucianism is focus on the relationship between people such as love between brother and sister, harmony between husband and wife, filial piety between mother and children and loyalty between ruler and subject. In fact, as a traditional religion Confucianism is much trend to a belief and concept in Japanese’s heart to make the world more harmony.[2] Secondly, Shintoism as a traditional culture of Japan means “the way of the gods” and has follower approximately 51% of the population. People treat Shinto as ancestor, family and nation of Japanese, because of Shinto originally respect for nature and particular sacred sites which used to worship the sun,...
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