Japanese Economy Report

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Japanese Economy report

Topic: Japan`s specific economical problems

As every country in the world Japan is facing its specific problems as well as some of them are common to others too. (1)For example there are some problems that are very common with the other developed countries like aging society, government budget deficits etc. For those problems international cooperation and exchange of the ideas/successful case-studies are widely known as a good start for tackling them. But apart from those, (2)there are ones that are not very common anywhere else but Japan. (1) ”Rich” countries common problem As a rapid aging society, many benefits from the past young, powerful Dankai generation are getting dimmer and there has been an ubiquitous feeling for the need for a big change. That change have been seen already in few western European countries, such as France, Sweden etc. Liberalizing high profile immigration, loosening the lower profile ones, together with full-support for stronger natality is the only way out of this kind of situation. Debt burden is another one. Providing all the support for making the economy more competitive and deleveraging the public finance are the ways to move. Basically it can be seen in various examples in EU that it is easier said than done. On the other hand, this time I will pay more attention to the issues specific to Japan. (2) Japan`s specific issues As a fact, the cradle of all problems Japan cannot escape for almost 2 decades is very complex and certainly many factors could be claimed as a potential reason. But in my opinion, one of them is especially heavy and taking too expensive toll for too many years- ARBITRAGE. Some special type of fee for doing any type of business, or trying to use the money for getting services/products in Japan. It is like a hidden tax, making up for being “blessed” for executing the trade in Japan. This type of notion had a strong point in the past (physical distance to the main import/export markets),...
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