Japan-the Strange Country

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Japan - the Strange Country

Japan is a small country located in east Asia. The population is around 130,000,000 (one hundred and thirty million) people. The total world population is 6,800,000,000 (six point eight billion), which means that roughly 2 in every 100 people are Japanese. Japan's land area measures 378,000 (three hundred and seventy-eight thousand) square kilometers. If the earth's land area is 149,000,000 (one hundred and forty-nine million) square kilometers and the total area is 510,000,000 (five hundred and ten million) square kilometers, then Japan is no bigger than this red dot.

Japan is the most advanced country in Asia. It is second only to America in GDP and it's proud of its high standard of living and economic wealth. Life expectancy of Japanese men is 79 years and 86 years for women, which is the longest in the world. And there are culture practices such as KABUKI, BONSAI, SUMO, SADOU, KIMONO and ORIGAMI, all of which have developed into distinctly Japanese traditions.

And we must not forget, Japan was the first country in the world to experience the destructive power of not one, but two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. More than 220,000 (two hundred and twenty thousand) people lost their lives and as a result, Japan abandoned its war time constitution.

In these ways Japan is a country with its own original culture and history, but nowadays there are also many strange things about modern day Japan. Let's take a look at these strange things in eight different categories.

1. Character.
Japanese people tend to be short, have black hair, small mouth and small eyes. This is a typical Japanese salaryman and over here is a Japanese schoolgirl. These days Japanese girls have a variety of ways to make their eyes appear bigger. There's even a function to make your eyes so big when you have a photo taken. Japanese technology sure is amazing. Another obsession Japanese girls have is with brands. Not more than anything else, they're obsessed with diets. Japanese women walk about town, carrying their high-quality brand bags. (Above??) for them, it's the ultimate status symbol. Japanese people also have the worst eyesight of anyone in the world with 40% (forty percent) of people using glasses or contact lenses. Japanese people are, generally, pretty shy. You could say that they find it particularly difficult to express how they really feel. Thanks to this, Japanese company meetings tend to drag on, and even after work is over, a Japanese person can't refuse an invitation for drinks. They also need to be careful of (what's the??) relationships between their boss and co-workers. Don't forget to bow on your way home, again, and again, and again. "So, when do I get my vacation?"

2. Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan's capital city, makes up an extremely small area, but it's the heart of Japanese politics, economy, distribution and fashion. A true megalopolis. Tokyo is the Mekka, the place everyone wants to live. And so in recent years, it's become overpopulated to the extreme. An example, compare to an American, who can claim a living space of 180 (one hundred and eighty) square kilometers to himself, there are 11 (eleven) Japanese people cramming to the same space, but in Tokyo alone, there are 192 (one hundred and ninty-two) people squished into the same extremely crammed living conditions. At the famous SHIBUYA scramble crossing, about every green light (drain??) peak hours, around 3,000 (three thousand) people will cross at the same time. At a Tokyo's McDonald's, it's perfectly normal to have just 50 centimeters of bench space per customer. (Ain't that??) like being a chicken in the coop, isn't it?

3. Food
From traditional Japanese style food, to Chinese, Italian, French and American style junk food, Japan is a nation of food lovers. However, the amount of food actually produced in Japan is only around 40%. It's incredible to think that a...
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