Japan Run Mafia Gangs

Topics: Organized crime, Yakuza, Gang Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The Japanese mafia run the world?

“The Japanese mafia who run the world. The Yakuza are the world's richest and most powerful gangsters. They control many of the big-name Japanese corporations that now have huge leverage in the major western economies. Nothing can be done to loosen the grip of the Yakuza on the world economy.”(http://www.conspiracybomb.com/azconspiracy.htm) The Yakuza, said to be the world’s most powerful gang, is also said to be the head of several gangs. The origins of the gang is not clear as people have different opinions, according to Anthony Bruno, the Yakuza’s origin is debatable, “Some feel that its members are descendents of the 17th-century kabuki-mono (crazy ones), outlandish samurai who revelled in outlandish clothing and hair styles, spoke in elaborate slang, and carried unusually long swords in their belts.” (Anthony Bruno, the Yakuza, sixth paragraph, http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/gangsters_outlaws/gang/yakuza/1.html). Though the members of the Yakuza gang consider this theory wrong, as the kabuki-mono were outlaws in the past that caused mayhem and destruction in the communities. Modern Yakuza members rather consider themselves as the descendents of the machi-yokko, who in the past protected the community from the kabuki-mono. Even though the Yakuza consider themselves to be the communities ‘protection’, they are a gang that is proud to be different, and considered the bad hand in society, this is also shown in their name Yakuza, Ya meaning 8, Ka meaning 9, and Sa meaning 3, the combination of which is 20, and is a losing hand in the common Japanese card game Hana-fuda (Flower cards), they embrace this characteristic (being the bad hands) the same way that American bikers do, with their tattoos. The Yakuza often tattoo their entire bodies back and front, the tattooing can take hundreds of hours and the pain to match, but is considered a test of a man’s bravery or courage. (Source from: Anthony Bruno, the Yakuza,...
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