Japan Is My Dream Place to Visit

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  • Published: January 4, 2013
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Japan is the country I’ve been dreaming of to visit. The things that attract me are there culture is very different and there are lots of things for me experience. What kind of cultural interest is Japan? The Japanese language will be a useful tool for the United States people. What is Japans attitude towards the United States? Why would Japan be important to us in the future? What kind of government is Japan? How is Japan education different from the States? What is Japan place is the History? What kind of Jobs they have in Japan? What is there to do for fun at day or night? What are the types of food they have at Japan? How is the weather like in Japan? The two type of religion is Japan is Shinto and Buddhism. Shinto is and ancient native religion of Japan. Japanese people still practice in a form of modified by the influence of Buddhism and Confucianism. The term Shinto, is a term that is created to distinguish the indigenous relation from Buddhism, the same as the Japanese kami-no-michi, “the way of the gods” or “the way of those above.” Kami means “above” or “superior,” this is the name used to designate a great host of supernatural beings or deities. Buddhism is a religion and philosophy founded in India in c.525 B.C. by Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Buddha. There are 300 million Buddhists world wide. This is one of the world great religions; it is divided into two main schools: the Theravada or Hinyana in Sri Lanka and South-East Asia, and the Mahayana in China, Mongolia, Korea, and Japan. The third school, is the Vajrayana, has a long tradition in Tibet and Japan. Buddhism has largely disappeared from its country of origin, India, except the many refugees from the Tibet region of China and small number converts from the lower castes of Hinduism. But there are a small amount of people who are Christians. The Japanese language is known around the United States, but would it be a useful tool if we (United States citizens) know it? Yes, it would a great tool for us to know this language. Japan we do lots of business with, and in order for us to do business we need to know how to communicate to them. If you are to travel there how are you suppose to tell them how you want your food? This language is mostly usage for business; we do lots of trading with Japan. Knowing Japanese is a great tool for us to know. Japan’s current attitude towards the United States is that they like the United States. When President Bush came in as president, he talked to Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori and the new president and between Foreign Minister Yohei Kono and Secretary of State Colin Powell; in the view of Japan alliance should it strengthen with the United States. Minister Kono later came and visited the United States to talk with Colin Powell. They built up a good personal relationship, talking about views on bilateral relations, and foreign situations, and effort in regard to global issues. On February 10, Japan’s time, a U.S. nuclear powered submarine collided into a fisheries training vessel. Japan was angered at the U.S. for that mistake and U.S. apologized. From that day on they are trying to strengthen there trading, ideas, and relations. Japan with their knowledge in technology, and resources, they are very important to the U.S. Japan technology is very futuristic; with the U.S. knowledge and Japan we would be able to make some crazy technologies. Japan they like everything neat and clean, like there technology. Japan recourses are: fishes, rice, sugar beets, vegetable, fruits, pork, poultry, dairy products, eggs. Japan is the world’s largest and technologically advanced producers of mother vehicles, electronics equipment, machine tools, steel and nonferrous metals, ships, chemicals, textiles, processed foods. This would be a great help with the trading business with Japan. Japan is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government. Japan government is based on a constitutional of 1947. It was drafted by the Allied...
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