Jane Eyre: A Review

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Liceul Pedagogic “Mircea Scarlat”- Alexandria
Profil: Filologie, Engleza-Bilingv

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë

Lucrare pentru obtinerea atestatului de competente lingvistice, Limba Engleza

Coordonator: Candidat:

Prof. Calota Madalina Zgîrie Adrian-Valentin

Clasa a XII-a B

~Mai 2011~


Jane Eyre is not just a book…a pile of rows and columns thrown on white sheets of paper…it is also a phenomenon, a large specter of feelings that hit us and allow us to see the world through the central character’s eyes, not only to read the written facts, but to experience their intensity, talking about sadness, loneliness, rage, hatred, or the pure nature of happiness.

Charlotte Brontë gave birth to a mirror-character, an orphan left in the hands of some relatives, tortured by the poor conditions and the hatred expressed by the ones around her.

I’m not deceitful and I’m not a liar, for if I were, I should say that I love you…

Those are Jane’s words… the words used by the child as a farewell addressed to those who had disturbed the very center of her soul. After that she was sent away on the Lowood School where she met her first true friend: Helen Burns. Unfortunately, Helen died after a short period of time. The time spent in this new home was not very pleasant as a cause of the rules made to control the girls, their spirit, emotions, and freedom of mind.

After 8 years at Lowood (6 years as a student and 2 as a teacher), Jane Eyre moved to Thornfield Hall in order to work as a governess for Rochester’s daughter: Adele, a young lady whose education needed to be improved.

Thornfield Hall is the first place where our character is treated as equal. With the passage of time, we discover that Jane Eyre is a very skilled woman (she posses the ability to draw complex graphic representations and plays the piano). Her spirit is just as pure and free as back then, when she was just a child.

After Jane and Edward Rochester got to know each other, they fall in love, ignoring her social status of a mere governess.

Jane…you’re strange, almost unearthly thing…I love you as my own flesh.

We experience fear and surprise while finding the true source of the strange laugh beneath the walls. This is also the reason summoned by Jane to stop the relation with Mr. Rochester: he had a mad wife hidden in Thornfield Hall. The central character leaves behind this story for a period of time, time in which she inherits a fortune from her uncle: John Eyre. A part from the inheritance is donated for the Lowood School and for her friend’s missionary actions.

When she turned back to Thornfield Hall, she found Edward. He was blind as a cause of the burnings suffered while he was trying to save his mad wife from the fire she had started. Jane never left Rochester again. With the passage of time, he regained his sight and they had a child of their own. Adele returned from Paris and lived with them.

The reason I have chosen this book as a theme for my work is not the situation presented. It is actually the way in which the situation is presented: an orphan girl who is pushed to adapt herself after others needs in order to survive, and respect the orders implied by the past society without destroying her delicate nature in her way…and we, the readers…are all left to experience all her facts through her own eyes.


1) Biography

2) Plot introduction

3) Structure

4) Plot summary

5) Characters

6) Themes

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