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Author of Presentation: Justine Duhamel & Marie de La Ruffie Email: Justine.duhalmel@wanadoo.fr & marie@laruffie.fr

Title of the Excerpt: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
Year of appearance: 1813 ( year of publication)


Overview Analysis

Textual Analysis: (general)

• Historical Background: 18th century (period when Jane Austen lived: 1775- 1817) - Women's conditions were really difficult: really important to get married to have a good standard of living, endure a lot of pressure. • This novel is a domestic novel: a novel about home life and family that often emphasizes the personalities and attitudes of its characters. But also satirical => aim of it : criticize the people who belong to the gentry (people of gentle birth, good breeding and high social position) cf: opening sentence.

• This extract is composed of a dialogue and two authorial interventions at the beginning and at the end.

Narrative Analysis:

• One main topic: The marriage and the money which goes with. It's introduced by the dialogue between the parents: Mr. & Mrs. Bennet. The trigger event (element déclencheur) of this passage is the arrival of Mr Bingley in the area.

• These topics (marriage and money) are very important because they constitute the plot the story of Pride and Prejudice is based on.

-Introduced by: Authorial interventions + Mrs. Bennet‘s speech / gossips

• Characters: - Mr Bennet : clever and dry wit ( pince –sans rire) l.46-47 - Mrs Bennet: excessive and vulgar. L.47 to 49 - Jane:...
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