Topics: Fingerprint, Karl Landsteiner, Toxicology Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Jamar Washington
Chapter 1 Questions

1. What was Francis Henry Galton's major contribution to forensic science? Francis Henry Galton undertook the first definitive study of fingerprints and developed a methodology of classifying them for filing. Later Galton published a book called “Finger prints” which holds the first statistical proof supporting his method of personal identification 2. Who is known as "the father of forensic toxicology" and why? Mathieu Orfila is considered the father of Forensic toxicology. In 1814 he published the first scientific treatise on the detection of poisons and their effects on animals. This treatise established forensic toxicology as a legitimate scientific endeavor. 3. Name two major contributions to forensic science made by Hans Gross. He wrote the first treatise describing the application of scientific disciplines to the field of criminal investigation. He also later introduced the forensic journal Archiv fur Kriminal Anthropologie und Kriminalistiks, which still reports improved methods of scientific crime detection.

4. With what area of forensic investigation are Karl Landsteiner and Dr. Leone Lattes associated? In the area of discovering that blood can be grouped into different categories, now recognized as blood types A,B,AB and O. Dr Leone Lattes, devised a procedure for determining the blood group of a dried blood strain, a technique that he immediately applied to criminal investigations. 5. Who was the first person to apply the principles of forensic science to a working crime laboratory? It was Albert S. Osborn. He wrote the book Questioned Documents. 6. What is Locard's exchange principle? Locards Exchange Principle, is whenever two objects come into contact with one another. Then materials are exchanged between them. 7. With what instrument did Dr. Walter C. McCrone make significant contributions to forensic science? Dr. Walter C McCrone used microscopes. He used microscopy,...
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