Jamaica: Bad Government, Small Country

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Jamaica: Bad Government, Small Country
Jamaica is an example of bad government in a small country. The government has lost control of its people and its function due to the spread of criminal organization that is revered by the citizens. Collier’s “The Bottom Billion” discusses the effects of bad governance on a small country. Thomas More’s “from Utopia” explains an ideal government from the perspective of More, who was fed up with the English government. This all shows how bad government can change the climate of a country. Jamaica is a small country with 3,000,000 people total. The government in Jamaica has been proven to be disorganized and corrupt. For example, recently the government came out with a new way of tracking motor tickets and when they came out with the system, it was saying that people had outstanding tickets that they already paid for. The system was flawed and it turned the situation into a mess, it was news throughout the country. I believe that government officials are corrupt because I have heard stories of them accepting bribes. In addition, due to the corruption and poor policing of Jamaica, crime runs rampant and control of Jamaica is left to organized criminals. Specifically, Jamaica has had a history of problems with drug trafficking. The government tried to make a statement that things were going to change with the “Dudus” situation. Jamaica finally worked with the United States to extradite fugitive Jamaican Christopher “Dudus” Coke, who was a Don, a powerful men who heads a crime organization. “US. Assistant Secretary of State Philip Crowley commended the Jamaica government for its work to ensure Coke’s controversial transfer to the United States, which, in the weeks before his arrest, resulting in civil unrest and the loss of scores of lives in the Tivoli Gardens neighborhood of West Kingston” (Springer 1). When the government agreed to extradite “Dudus” to the United States, there were uncontrollable riots because...
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