Jafars Point of View Story

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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By Camille

I have been waiting here for two whole dull years. It is dreadfully space less in this ridiculous lamp. Why did I believe that dirty street rat Aladdin to use my third wish to turn into a genie? I should have used it to be with Jasmine forever. I love her so much. My name is Jafar and I am (or was) the most powerful sorcerer in the world, until I turned into a genie, and I am a lover of Princess Jasmine of Agrabah. You see, I just wanted to be Jasmine’s love. I could not do that if there was another man involved! I had to get rid of him once and for all. It all started when I really knew that I had to be with her. I made a plan. I was following Jasmine in the market to make sure she was not acting as she was “on the market”, when I caught her run away with a dirty little peasant! He isn’t even a prince, being with him is strictly prohibited! I was so heartbroken, so I sent the palace guards to go find that boy, and capture him, saying it was for stealing, so that I could give him a little talk. They got him, so my plan was headed in the right direction. When Jasmine came back to the palace, she was mad at me for arresting this fool who she recalls is named “Aladdin”. What an ugly name! Mrs. Jafar tops Mrs. Aladdin by a long shot. I did not understand why she got upset about it, I was trying to make sure she was getting the best for her, (and I am the best). That night I went down to the cellar to talk to this “Aladdin”. I made sure I was in disguise so he couldn’t recognize me; I mean, who doesn’t know me? The wonderful-handsome-rich Jafar, Grand Vizier of Agrabah. I think he bought it, because he did not seem to be star-stricken. I made him trust me then I turned it all around when I set him into a trap! Legend has it, only a “Diamond in the Rough” can retrieve a magic lamp, currently in the Cave of Wonders. There was a genie with 3 wishes inside the lamp. I would use them all to call Jasmine my princess! I told him I could get him...
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