Jackson, Tyrant or Hero?

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  • Published : March 11, 2012
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Deion Karl
Block 3 AP US History
Chapter 13
The Righteous Tyrant?
On 2008, when Barack Obama was elected for President, almost every one was so thrilled to see this man lead the United States. People wore shirts of him, celebrities supported him widely, singers wrote songs about him, and everyone chanted his famous line Yes We Can. On 1828, a familiar man won the hearts of Americans and claimed the title as the President of the United States after a bitter defeat on the 1824 Election. Similar to Obama, Andrew Jackson was not just seen as a leader at that time, but an icon as well. People were on the verge of death just to touch the man: The man who was well-liked because of his major role in the War of 1812, the Seminole War, and his status as a war hero. Jackson and his enthusiastic followers created the modern Democratic Party, during his Presidency and the era from 1830-1850 that became known as the Jacksonian Democracy. Similar to other Presidents that United States has had, Jackson made myriad actions that raised some eye-brows and even chaos. The actions made by Jackson nearly destroyed the nation, especially through economic matter. Although I adore Andrew Jackson for his tremendous boldness, this trait was his hamartia, his own downfall. Because of this boldness, it caused him to be egotistical, thinking that he can just decide everything by himself. Thus, it caused people, and myself, to see him as a tyrant.

One of the major issues that were made by Andrew Jackson was the new corruption in the government. Obviously, Jackson won the election because of the people’s votes. As a reward, he gave his supporters government jobs that were already held by longtime workers. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you were replaced by a Jackson supporter after having your job for years? The Spoils System increased corruption in the United States government, causing anger and angst towards other Americans. Jackson even had unofficial advisors working for him....
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