Jackie Chan

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Dr. Lynette Myles
Oct, 26 2012
A Real Hero
All of us at least know one incredible person that we admire and who does many things that make us appreciate this life. A wonderful example of this is Jackie Chan. Jackie is a great person that did so much for the people of the world and made it a better place. The beginning of his life was extremely hard; he even struggled in his life before he was born! How could a person give so much good to the world that was harsh towards him from the very first day of his life? Jackie did many great motivational movies that were full of action, fun and emotions. In addition, he made many free educational and financial programs that helped the needy as much as possible. His smile will make your day better. This person is a real hero.

The little Jackie had to wait three more months to be born; this forced his mother to have a caesarean section. This means that more money should be paid to the hospital because caesarean section required more time and effort than a regular accouchement. When he finally emerged, he was a big kid that weighted 12 pounds! His father was almost going to sell his son to pay the hospital expenses. Luckily, an old friend to the family stepped in and paid the hospital expenses to keep the little Jackie between his lovely parents. Jackie grew up in China until the age of six. Then, his father found a better job that forced him to move to Australia. It was not essay for Jackie to be in an English speaking environment, therefore he did so poorly in his school that his family had to send him back to China's Peking Opera School to study, this is were Jackie learned martial arts, dancing, singing and acting. He stayed at the Peking Opera School until he was 17 years old. This is were he spend those years suffering with his Kung Fu master, in fact, “I woke up at 5 am in the morning, running with two cups full of water that I couldn’t spill. If I did, the master...
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