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International Baccalaureate Higher Level Visual Art Investigative Workbook Criterion

1. The IWB must be a black bound unlined book 2. Always use the lined under sheet 3. Write in black ink only 4. Always date your entries clearly and number each page 5. Be neat. Write legibly (no typing or gluing in of teacher handouts). No copying or Xerox copies of written text are permitted. Pasted written content will be allowed. 6. Include notes taken of teacher lectures 7. Include notes and photos of visits to art galleries and art museums. Have at least 1 visit per project. 8. Leave at least ¼” border on all edges (for Xeroxing) ½” on the bound side of the RWB. 9. Each page is to have ½ written ½ images. You are in Higher Level Visual Art. Each page should reflect your commitment to achieving excellence. Each page should be a work of art. 10. Do not have many pages all written or just glued in written sections 11. Headings are the key. Include reference to each of the IB Markband Descriptors for Investigation. Instead of PROJECT #14 write instead “How the Aboriginal artwork influenced the creation of my art. Using techniques of the Aborigines and analyzing the study of pointillism and how they are related.” MAKE CONNECTIONS. 12. Always handwrite citations of artist’s artwork samples. Write the height, width, and depth. Include where it is located. Include the title, media, and date that it was created. Do not cut and paste information on artwork. Measure in cm. 13. The Investigative Workbook is a working document. It is not a sketchbook or essay. You are writing to yourself about the research. It must be in unison with your art pieces. Do not make elaborate ornate designs. 14. Include technique exercises and thumbnail sketches of compositions. In clued pages of experimentation with at least 10 samples of techniques. Do a small 2”x 2” with explanation beside the sample.

15. Compare and contrast your art with famous artists’ artworks when doing your Critical Analysis....
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