Ivan the Terrible Thesis

Topics: Vasili III of Russia, Russia, Ivan IV of Russia Pages: 4 (1070 words) Published: January 6, 2013
The Early Reign of Ivan the Terrible
Ivan IV Vesilyevich, also known as Ivan the Terrible, was born into Russian royalty on the 25th of August 1530. His parents were Vasili III (See1-1) and Elena Glinskaya( See 1-2). When Ivan was only three years old, his father, Vasili III, died of a blood infection. Young Ivan was announced the Grand Prince of Moscow on the 3rd of December in 1533. This was the beginning of his reign. His rough childhood is thought to have been what drove him to be known as Ivan the Terrible.

The early education of young Ivan IV is obscure, except that it was continually plagued by catastrophe. After his father’s death in 1533, he was left in the custody of his mother, Elena Glinskaya. At the age of eight, Elena was fatally poisoned. Soon after his mother’s assassination, his nurse and caretaker, Agrafema, was abruptly deported to Kargopol (See 1-3). It seemed that everyone he drew close to was painfully taken away. He couldn’t gain any sense of stability after these painful losses. As on boyar faction after another fell from power, his life was always in danger. It has been said that before becoming known as Ivan the Terrible, he was called Ivan the Terrified. (Payne)

With Ivan’s parents dead and his closest caretaker gone, Ivan was left with only his deaf-mute brother, Yury, his maternal grandmother, Anna, and his two maternal uncles, Makhail and Yury Glinsky. Before their unfortunate death’s, Ivan’s parents prevented a tightly knit family, which ended up only hurting young Ivan. Without his family or any other befriended caretakers, Ivan became the victim of abuse and neglect brought on by his so-called guardians. Due to the violence and neglect he had to with stand, he became violent. Although he was not physically violent, mentally, he thought of morbid ways of torture to claim revenge against those who hurt him. These early thoughts of adolescents would later become a reason for him to look forward to gaining power.

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