It388 Routing and Switching I - Unit 6 Assignment

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Routing and Switching

Introduction of Switching and Switching Technologies

Mieakarla Calloway

Kaplan University

Routing and Switching I – IT388
Robert Knox

Table of Contents

I. Review a Cisco 2950 Catalyst Switch found at: After you have reviewed the components of a catalyst switch, write a half-page summary describing four switch components and their importance.

II. There are two primary methods of switching: layer 2 and layer 3 switching. Compare both switching methods.

III. There are four steps necessary for a LAN design methodology to be effective. List and explain each step.

IV. The headquarters for your company, Acme, Inc., is located in a three-story building in New York City. MIS and the computer room are located on the first floor. There are three file servers, an email server, and web server. There are 10 workstations and two printers in the computer room. On the second floor are the sales department (with 30 computers and 10 printers) and marketing department (with 25 computers and seven printers, two of which are color). On the third floor are collections (five computers), human resources (12 computers and five printers), accounting (15 computers and three printers), and research (14 computers and two printers). Design a network diagram consisting of switches, servers, workstations, and printers. Use Microsoft Visio to create your network diagram. This diagram should represent the physical layout of the network. Please check Doc Sharing for a sample Visio diagram.


As stated within Unit Six, there are three different switching methods: Cut-Through, Store-and-Forward, and Fragment-Free. Base on a corporate or personal need towards a network topology will determine what type of switching method to use. In addition, Unit Six explores different types of Cisco switches including their components such as the Cisco 2950 Catalyst switch. Within this documentation, I will discuss several questions regarding switching and switching technologies. In addition, this documentation includes a network topology design for Acme Inc including addressing their company demands.

When it comes to the Cisco 2950 Catalyst Switch, four components within the catalyst switch are the Gigabit Interface Converter, Cisco IOS, Cisco Redundant Power System and Management Console Port.

The Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) is known as a low-cost versatile Ethernet port on a Cisco switch offering high speed interconnectivity between switches. In addition the GBIC is known to be implemented in the standard form therefore offers its customers the highest level of scalability and flexibility as described within the LAN design.

The IOS in the Cisco 2950 switch is considered as the Internetwork Operating System of routers and switches just as well as Microsoft Vista or Mac OS X Snow Leopard are the operating system of a computer. The internetwork operating system is the bootloader of Cisco switches and/or routers including the 2950 switch. The IOS has the capability to perform maintenance operations as well as loading into a from the flash memory which brings up an interface. The Cisco Redundant Power System within the Cisco 2950 Catalyst switch is known to protect the network equipment from power circuit and power component failures with the redundant power systems. The power supply redundancy plays a significant part of the catalyst switch known as the operating role of a mission-critical network. Lately, the Management Console Port is a console interfacing established by connecting to the console serial port on the back panel of the Catalyst...
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