It Was Defeat in War Which Was the Main Reason for the February Revolution. Do You Agree with This Statement?

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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It was defeat in war which was the main reason for the February revolution. Do you agree with this statement? The February revolution was a big turning point in Russian history; demolishing the Tsarist autocracy and breaking the Romanov dynasty that had ruled Russia for hundreds of years. Due to many factors, involved in the war or long standing issues before the war, Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate to Grand Duke Michael, desperate to keep the rule of Russia in the Romanov family. Grand Duke Michael stated he did not want to rule, therefore ending the absolute monarchy. This essay will explore the main reason for the February revolution of 1917, questioning whether the war started the revolt among the Russian people or simply acted as a catalyst for a result of long standing issues and opinions dating back to the previous revolution of 1905. In 1914 Germany and Austria declared war on Russia and their allies Serbia. Despite the fact that in 1908 Tsar Nicholas II had put into action ‘The Grand Military Programme’, aiming to rearm his forces and get Russia ready for war, the plan was set to finish in 1917, not three years earlier. Nevertheless, Russia went into war with its head held high, with full support and enthusiasm from the Russian people. By 1916 however, this support for the war had changed dramatically, as the fighting at the front had lived up to nobody’s expectations. Russia was now occupied by the enemy, proving the weakness of the Russian’s defence and the strength of the enemy. On the front line one out of three men had a rifle, due to the lack of weapons and supplies the incomplete military programme had been able to offer. The number of casualties, missing in action and death toll was catastrophic: 4 million by the end of 1915. Evidently moral of the men fighting was almost at breaking point, it was clear Russia was losing a battle they did not even want to fight. Another affecting factor on the front line was the fact that most of the...
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