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2.Department Analysis3
2.1.Strengths and Weaknesses of IT Department3
2.2.Recommendation for IT Department4
2.3.Strengths and Weakness of Finance Department4
2.4.Recommendation for Finance Department5
2.5.Strengths and Weaknesses of Marketing Department5
2.6.Recommendation for Marketing Department6
2.7.Strengths and Weaknesses of Operations Department6
2.8.Recommendation for Operations Department6
2.9.Summary of Recommendations7
3.Evaluation of outsourcing companies7
3.1.Evaluation of Company 17
3.2.Evaluation of Company 28
3.3.Evaluation of Company 38
3.4.Outsourcing Company recommendation8

1. Introduction
Valentino’s is a dating agency which has established a name in the industry since 1976 with over 8 million customers subscribing to its service. Valentino’s key strength in the business has been its personnel who are providing high standards of customer care and its large database of members that encourage higher chances of finding a partner. Valentino’s management team is currently concerned about its current market share and profitability. They are also concerned that the current technology may be obsolete and indirectly affects the business. It is assumed that currently membership application and questionnaires are filled up manually. The completed application is mailed to Valentino’s and it takes 3 working days to process. It is also assumed that Valentino’s has a team of Data Entry personnel to manage membership applications. Once the data is available on the System, Service Desk agents will be able to support users for any change on their application forms directly to the system. The Service Desk Agents are also supporting Clients for any advice on the matches done by the system. These Service Desk Agents are under the Operations team. It is assumed that Valentino’s does not have a computerized accounting system. Accounting work is done manually. Finance Department takes two days to process customer payments that are part of the application process. It is also assumed that the Finance Staff are not IT literate and the retirement age at Valentino’s is at 60 years of age. Outsourcing companies have offered to absorb existing employees as part of the outsourcing contract.

2. Department Analysis
3.1. Strengths and Weaknesses of IT Department
Valentino’s IT System to date has been stable and is being maintained by a strong group of IT Personnel. Unfortunately the current system is very basic and does not have the capability to support new functions and features to support market demands. The current system is running on Oracle database and the data is being maintained by its staffs using an old version of Oracle forms. Its matching program is working well but it was written 10 years ago with no proper documentation. The current IT team is struggling to maintain it as the employee who had written the program has left the company. Other limitations it has are whereby it can only match 6 compatible members and the information is e-mailed to the Clients. Valentino’s also has a member area on their website for its clients to access information about its matched members. This site provides the basic information about a member with no collaboration features like instant messaging, blogging, online matching and many others. Members are using this site to include their photographs as well as providing hyperlinks to their own homepage. Another drawback on Valentino’s website is that it takes 3 days to create the link between database and website in order for member details to be shown on Valentino’s website.

3.2. Recommendation for IT Department
With the current challenges faced by the IT Department, fully outsourcing this department will be ideal for Valentino’s. The outsourcing company will have the expertise in hand to support and enhance...
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