It Is More Important to Find Work That One Finds Fulfilling That Work That Pays Well

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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It is more important to find work that one finds fulfilling that work that pays well Irene Yoo Many people are having hardships to decide what kind of jobs they have to have since they know how much it is important. Deciding the job is as significant as deciding people’s live path. People decide their jobs depend on their values. If their values towards more on money, not fulfilling, they will decide their jobs have higher-pay. On the other hand, if those people who prefer fulfilling, they will choose what their heart really want. However, there are a lot of risks, since it is hard to fit in society without any money. People who decide their job without concerning the pays, they are pursing fulfilling rather than money. This theme applies in my personal story. I saw a documentary about a mastery craftsman. His work is making potteries. His payment was extremely low and he was really poor; however, he had continued his work. An interviewer asked him why he did such a hard-work. The craftsman answered:”I do this work, because I really want to do. I have been dreaming to become a person who makes potteries. And now I am doing it. Even though, I do not get a lot of money, I am proud of myself. The fulfilment comes from my spirit is really powerful and it conveys happiness every single moment in my life”. It was such an impressive reply; however, I cannot accept his opinion. Nowadays, without money, it is really hard to live. Food, house, cloth and respect towards people are decided by your property. Moreover, without money how can people help their parents and families? Thus, people pursue the job what they really want who decide their jobs depend on their fulfilment can be good for their mind, but it is not realistic and a self-fish decision.

Those people decide their jobs depend on their money lead more realistic and stable lives. My father is working as a professor. He is...
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