It/244 Disaster Recovery Plan "Appendix D"

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Appendix D

Disaster Recovery Plan

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IT/244 Intro to IT Security

Disaster Recovery Plan

1 Risk Assessment

1 Critical business processes

A disaster is defined as a sudden, unplanned catastrophic event that renders the organizations ability to perform mission-critical and critical processes, including the ability to do normal production processing of systems that support critical business processes. A disaster could be the result of significant damage to a portion of the operations, a total loss of a facility, or the inability of the employees to access that facility. The disaster recovery process consists of defining rules, processes, and disciplines to ensure that the critical business processes will continue to function if there is a failure of one or more of the information processing or telecommunications resources upon which their operations depends. In the case of Sunica Music and Movies restoring the internet is a priority so the stores can communicate with the inventory and accounting databases not to mention the new emphasis on e-commerce. Without these three critical business processes all of the stores will not be able to operate.

Internal, external, and environmental risks

Environmental risks that could affect the business are obviously major storms, floods, tornados, etc. A tornado could knock out the internet and prevent Sunica Music and Movies from accessing their databases for either inventory or accounting purposes which would make running the business virtually impossible. External Risks to Sunica Music and Movies could be a struggling economy or competitor sabotage. These tend to be factors that are out of the businesses control and depend on an outside source to create them. Internal risks are things like a worker strike or employee sabotage. These are problems that are generated within the organization....
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