Istanbul Aku Datang

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“ISTANBUL AKU DATANG” is story about the afford of the beautiful girl,Dian to fight for her love. She travels to Istanbul to be close to her boyfriend. At there, her relationship with Azad become worse because Azad is so busy with his studies do not spend time with Dian. He also ask Dian to move from his house and find another place to stay. Dian make a decision that she want to show to Azad that she can survive without him. The onflict arise when Dian have been cheated and she have not money to find another house. So,she do not have any option unless stay with the horrible guy,Harris. They always fought about everthing, but day by day their relationship become more close. Dian in dilemma because she should choose between two men in his life who have their own style in making her life hapiness. STAKEHOLDER AND THEIR STAKES

Firstly the stakeholder is Dian,she was fight for her love.secondly,Azad that was unloyal boyfriend.thirdly is Harris,he was a helpful person and honest. Futhermore, Jehan, he use the opportunities to cheat yhe innocent person. Lastly, Ejoi that conspired with dishonesty Azad. THE MAIN VILLIAN,HERO AND HEROINE:

The main villian is Azad, the hero is Harris and the heroine is Dian. ETHICAL DILEMMA OF THE VILLAIN :
The ethical dilemma of the villian are firstly is how to hide from his girlfriend/ Dian that he was cheated with another girl and to begging and seek for the second chance. ETHICAL DILEMMA BY HERO / HEROIN :

The ethical dilemma by the hero are he should sharing the house with the unknown girl and how to help that girl to solve the problem that she was facing. The ethical dilemma facing by the heroien are how to hide fom his boyfriend/Azad that she was stay in the same house with a guy. She also in dilemma to choose between to men in his life.



The ethical issue from...
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