Ist Quiz 1

Topics: Data management, Data warehouse, Business intelligence Pages: 14 (2276 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Chapter 1
Organizations use computers and information systems to reduce costs and gain a(n) ________ in the marketplace. a. Marketing advantage
b. Competitive disadvantage
c. Quality advantage
d. Competitive advantage
________ provides historical, current, and predictive views of business operations and environments and gives organizations a competitive advantage in the marketplace. a. Competitive intelligence

b. Computer literacy
c. Business intelligence
d. Information literacy
A(n) ________ is an organized integration of hardware and software technologies, data, processes, and human elements designed to produce timely, integrated, relevant, accurate, and useful information for decision-making purposes. a. Radio-frequency identification system

b. Transaction processing system
c. Management information system
d. Business intelligence system
What is one of the major components of an information system? a. Analysis
b. Programmer
c. Database
d. Knowledge
The ________ component of an information system generates the most useful type of information for decision making, including transaction-processing reports and models for decision analysis. a. Design

b. Output
c. Process
d. Input
________ consists of facts that have been analyzed by the process component and is an output of an information system. a. Information
b. Knowledge
c. Data
d. Database
What is a useful quality of information?
a. Length
b. Compactness
c. Ability to stand on its own
d. Timeliness
Which is one of the four Ms of resources?
a. Mobility
b. Media
c. Management
d. Manpower
A(n) ________ is used to manage manufacturing resources so that companies can reduce manufacturing costs, increase product quality, and improve inventory decisions. a. Management information system

b. Manufacturing information system
c. Manufacturing log
d. Four-sigma information system
The goal of a(n) ________ is to provide information to financial executives in a timely manner. a. Financial information system
b. Human resource information system
c. Payroll information system
d. Manufacturing information system
A top line strategy focuses on ________.
a. Improving manufacturing quality
b. Generating revenue
c. Improving efficiency
d. Reducing costs
________ is high when customers have many choices and low when they have few choices. a. Supplier power
b. Management power
c. Buyer power
d. Threat of entrants
The threat of ________ is low when duplicating a company's product or service is difficult. a. New entrants
b. Decreased efficiencies
c. Market dominance
d. Cost containment
________ is high when customers have fewer options and low when customers have more options. a. Buyer power
b. Management power
c. Competition
d. Supplier power
The author predicts that the cost of ________ will be less expensive in the future. a. processing information
b. raw materials
c. protecting personal identity information
d. quality

1. A(n) ________ is the main circuit board containing connectors for attaching additional boards. a. Video board
b. Audio board.
c. Motherboard
d. Expansion board
How much RAM can a 32-bit processor use?
a. 6 GB
b. 2 GB
c. 8 GB
d. 4 GB
The field of ____ involves the applications and properties of light, including its interactions with lasers, fiber optics, telescopes, and so forth. a. Video technologies
b. Nanotechnology
c. Optical technologies
d. Cryptography
One one-millionth of a second known as a ________.
a. Nanosecond
b. Millisecond
c. Picosecond
d. Microsecond
In an ASCII file, each...
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