Issues That Affect Belizean Women

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  • Published : September 1, 2012
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An issue that negatively affects Belizean Women would be the inequality between men and women, especially in the rural areas. For a long time now, men have always been on top of women, and that is still going on today. It is not as much as before, but it is still a concern in Belize. The main issue here is with jobs. Men have been given a better more opportunity in applying for any specific job or post they wish to pursue. That is because some people still feel that women should be doing domestic work only. They just refuse to let go of the thought that women should contribute to Belize through their domestic roles. Wages is a problem as well in some cases. Women work very hard. They do their best, but they aren’t being given a fair wage. Some women do the same work as other men or even better than them, yet they get paid less. The Government should enact laws to ensure the equality in salaries between males and females for the specific jobs they are doing. Their laws should also include allowing women to be able to apply for jobs that men can do as well. Such laws will help to provide a much more fair and justice society among the men and women in Belize, both having equal standards and status whereby neither side is being cheated. Although women are already on the step towards gaining positions and jobs that Belizean men can attain, as WIN-Belize, Women’s Issue Network, have said, there is still room for improvement. Groups such as WIN can also form to help women and get men to realize that women can do just what they have done.
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