Issues in Nigerian Mass Media

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MAC 314

The title of this course is: Issues in Nigerian Mass Media. The code is MAC 314. It is designed for undergraduate students of Mass Communication. The course provides the students with basic knowledge of the history, ethical, legal, professional, socio-cultural and technological issues affecting mass media industry in Nigeria. It is hoped that at the end of the tutorials in the course, students will be sufficiently exposed to various socio-cultural, ethical, legal, technological and professional issues impacting on the existence and operation of mass media in Nigeria. Precisely, the students who have gone through this course would be expected to have in-depth understanding of these issues and how they affect the mass media practitioners’ perceptions and dispositions to their professional practice using Nigerian media landscape as basis of analysis. Students would also be expected to acquaint themselves with mainstream literature on evolving issues in Nigeria mass media landscape and development; the major discussion that embed the literature and be able to decipher the basic and knotty issues, concepts and or phenomena that affected or still affect mass media as an organic industry in Nigeria. This course guide therefore, offers you with informative insights into the course contents. It also provides you with a list of relevant materials you will need to gain adequate familiarity with and in-depth understanding of the subject matter. The course design is structured in such a way that would enable you gain far reaching insight into the course. It will engage you into productive thinking through the underlying issues and developments in the Nigerian mass media industry. Study Units

MAC314 which is titled Issues in Mass Media in Nigeria is a 300 Level course for undergraduate Mass Communication studies. It is a 2 credit unit course. The course is packaged in five modules of varying units and lengths. The modules and the corresponding units are: Module 1: Taking Off: An Brief Historical Overview Mass Media in Nigeria Unit 1: History of Print Media in Nigeria

Unit 2: History of Electronic Media in Nigeria
Module 2: Ethical Issue in Nigerian Mass Media Industry
Unit 1: The Brown Envelope Syndrome
Unit 2: The Burden of News Commercialization in Nigeria
Module 3: Legal /Extra-Legal Issues in Nigerian Mass Media Industry Unit 1: Newspaper Registration Act
Unit 2: Deregulation of Broadcast Media in Nigeria
Unit 3: National Broadcast Commission (NBC)
Unit 4: Freedom of Information Act
Unit 5: Extra-legal Measures of controlling the Press
Module 4: Professional Issues in Nigerian Mass Media Industry Unit 1: Press Freedom in Nigeria
Unit 2: Mass Media and Politics in Nigeria
Module 5: Scio-Cultural/Technological Issues in Nigerian Mass Media Unit 1: Rural News in Nigerian Mass Media
Unit 2: Gender and Mass Media in Nigeria
Unit 3: ICTs and Mass Media Industry in Nigeria
Unit 4: ICTs and Citizen Journalism in Nigeria
It is important to note that every module offers you a listing of all the units that make it up. Each unit also offers you’ the content outlines, introduction and objectives with the main content preceding each unit. Self-Assessment Exercises (SAEs) will be provided to enhance learning, comprehension, internalization and retention of what you will be taught. To further enhance learning and effectively monitor your progress on the course, every unit will end with one Tutor- Marked Assignment (TMA) which you are to work on and submit for marking. Textbooks and References

Enormous effort was made to provide you with in-depth and useful materials you need to pass this course. However, you will find at the end of each unit, a listing of relevant reference materials you may consult at your convenient time to...
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