Issues and Chalenges in Teaching Science to Special Needs

Topics: Education, Teacher, Special education Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: June 27, 2012
Anuar, Dominic, Hafizzudin, Nazrul, Nursyafiq, Nazwan,
Issues and Challenges in Teaching Science to Special Needs Students Children with special need are the one who deviates from the norm especially in education and would therefore needed special care in form of facilities and material for learning to take place. These are issues and challenges in teaching science to the students Issues

Few general education teachers have had training to teaching students with disabilities, and few special education teachers have had training in science teaching. The problem is twofold and is influenced by decisions made by special education teachers, science teachers, and teacher educators. Cawley (1994) states that science teachers generally have little training or experience with disabilities and, in general, special educators have little or no exposure to science. One might expect that students with disabilities receive science instruction from teachers in special education but this clearly is not the case. Special educators perceive their responsibility as accommodating students who are having difficulty learning and who are generally at least two grade levels behind their peers in basic skills. They seldom teach science, and the science they teach is often text book based. Specialists in adaptations look only at physical accessibility and mobility, not the special needs of the disabled student, which may require adaptations for hands on science investigations Studies reflect a continuing lack of responsiveness by science teachers to adjust the learning environment so that students with disabilities feel a sense of success and accomplishment. Secondary science teachers are generally not sensitive to individual needs and are not as inclined to make adjustments in the materials or instructional strategies for their pupils (Lovitt & Horton, 1994). In learning it is vital for a teacher to develop confidence in students and at the same time make them more motivated in...
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