Issue Connection Paper

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Psychoactive drug Pages: 3 (1242 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Brittany Baron
Professor Brinker
English 1190
30 November 2010

Problems in the U.S.A Today

Out of all the things going on in our world today, I find that our human interest naturally draws us automatically toward the unusual or what's not normally excepted, valued, or understood. It's more of how we were taught when we were kids or how we were raised in specific environments that sets us apart from every one, everywhere else. The issues I have connected are: legalizing marijuana, medical heroine, and the widening acceptance of Ritalin. I have looked at each issue individually and also looked at them together in different orders or groups to see what issues led to another more easily or in a more direct fashion. As a whole I feel that mainly they're all connected by trying to help people, either with health problems, addictions, or just to help them feel better. Jenna spoke on the issue of legalizing marijuana, Matt spoke on the subject of medically administering heroine, and Jessica spoke about the widening acceptance of Ritalin. Jenna had the issue of legalizing marijuana and stated that "847,000 people a year were arrested for marijuana related charges", which I found to be a lot of people. People who I'm sure are not all criminals and don't act or hold themselves in a criminal manner. At least not in societies general viewed description or image of one. It seems like this is just creating a larger problem than trying to prevent or stop it. Just like Ritalin, marijuana can be used for good or abused in the worst ways, which could lead to sickness or even worse, possibly death(worst case scenario). She also went on by stating that "Marijuana helps with tumors.", this I find is a great thing and can be connected to the issue of medical heroine. Both of these so called drugs are viewed as a menace and nuisance to the society. If you look at them in a more helpful and positive way, they can help many people who need it. People all over the...
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