Isreal Palestine Conflict

Topics: Israel, Hamas, Second Intifada Pages: 6 (2308 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Josh Zemsky
Professor Russo
Engl 101
Israel V. Palestine

            Ever since the biblical days of Abraham, the city that is known today as Jerusalem has been considered the holy land. It is the birthplace of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. God promised this land to the Jewish people in His covenant with them. The Jews are God’s chosen people.           The need for a Jewish homeland was a direct outcome of the Holocaust. In 1948, the Holocaust had recently come to an end, and the civilized world knew that the Jews of Europe needed a country of their own. The entire European Jewish population was on the brink of annihilation. The land that they had yearned to return to was the territory known as Palestine. It was Theodore Herzl’s Zionistic dream that one day this land would once again become the Jewish stronghold that God had intended it to be. During this time Jerusalem and its surrounding area Palestine was a mandate of Britain. As part of a U.N. resolution, the British gave this area up to the Jewish people so that they would be able to govern in the homeland promised to them by God. Surrounding countries in this region were all Arab nations. They were strongly against the Zionist movement and the formation of a Jewish state. As soon as Israel declared its independence, the Arab nations attacked it (Singer). Israel defended itself then as it has continued to do against multiple Arab attacks. Currently, this war continues today. The Palestinians are Arabs who do not have their own nation. [They were formerly part of other Arab nations, but were strategically positioned in territories that were a part of Israel in order to disrupt the Jewish State] (Singer). They are constantly engaging themselves in battle with Israel. There has been hope and talk of peace amongst the leaders of Israel and the leaders of the Palestinian Authority (PA). However, there can be no peace because even though some critics argue that Israel is the major cause of the Israel/Palestinian conflict, it is obvious that the Palestinians are responsible for the conflict.            The Palestinians claim that a major reason for their attacks on Israel is that Israel is occupying the heavily Arab populated territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (Boaz). The PA, formerly known as the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) was formed in 1964 by Arabs in order to destroy the Jewish people and the Jewish state of Israel (Horowitz). They have never recognized Israel as an independent nation (Horowitz). Three years after the formation of the PLO, in 1967, surrounding Arab nations attacked Israel again. Israel prevailed in the Six-Day War and took control of the West Bank from Jordan and the Gaza Strip from Egypt (Israel-Palestine Peace Process). Both of these territories were vital to the national security of Israel, as they were both easy places for the Arabs to stage offensive attacks (Boaz). Both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip became known as the “occupied territories.” Israel kept a military presence in these Arab populated regions. Palestinians claim that that there would be peace if these territories were not occupied by Israel (Shabaneh). It has been said that “the peace process was just a ploy by the Israelis to convince the world that Israel was granting the Palestinians self determination, while at the same time maintaining their presence in and around every village, every town, every city, and every refugee camp in the West Bank and Gaza” (Shabenah). The Palestinians claim that if the West Bank and Gaza were theirs, there would be no need for bloodshed. How can this be believed when the PLO was founded three years before these territories were under Israel control (Horowitz)? Are they trying to say that they wanted to be independent of Jordan and Egypt? No. Instead, they make these claims so that they look like tragic victims and gain world sympathy. The type of war that Palestinians engage in is terrorism...
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