Isolation of Trimyristin from Nutmeg and Preparation of Myristic Acid from Trimyristin by Hydrolysis

Topics: Nutmeg, Myristic acid, Palm oil Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Isolation of Trimyristin from Nutmeg and preparation of Myristic Acid from Trimyristin by Hydrolysis Introduction
Over 40% of medicinal chemicals in the world were developed from isolation of the natural source. These sources were from fungi, plants, bacteria, animals, etc. The techniques used to isolate and purify has been by extraction, distillation, recrystallization, and chromatography. In this experiment we will be trying to obtain a pure organic compound from a natural source. Because this natural source it is not only trimyristin and myristic acid that makes it up, it’s a mixture of many compounds. Although nutmeg is one of those natural sources that trimyristin is easily extracted from it does take some time to achieve in lab. Ground nutmeg seeds are extracted with methyl ether and the resulting solid recrystallized from acetone and to yield pure trimyristin. Most of the other components of Nutmeg remain in the acetone as they are ether soluble. The hydrolysis of trimyristin follows acidification and yields glycerol and myristic acid. After the myristic acid is collected we will be using its melting point to determine whether we successfully isolated pure form of the crystal. To extract myristic acid from our “pure” trimyristin we need perform hydrolysis and break a couple of those bonds to get it. Hydrolysis

Myristic Acid
Side reaction of myristic acid
Experimental Section
Table of Chemicals
Name| Chem Structure| Atomic weight| Melting point|
Trimyristin| | 723.16 g/mol| 56-58°C|
Myristic Acid| | 228.37 g/mol| 54-55°C|
Ether| | 74.12 g/mol| Liquid at room temp|
Ethanol| | 46.07 g/mol| “ “|
NaOH| | 40 g/mol| “ “|
4-Chloroaniline| | 127.57 g/mol| 68-71°C|
Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate | | 142.04 g/mol| 88.4°C|
Name| Crude sample & MP| Pure sample & MP| 50:50 MP| % yield from pure| Trimyristin| .31g & 46-50°C| .059g & 48-53°C| -|...
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