Isolation in Wuthering Heights

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  • Published : December 12, 2010
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Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, is set in the detached Yorkshire moors during the early nineteenth century and depicts the lives of two contrasting families. Because Wuthering Heights was written during the Romanticism movement, many characteristics of the movement are reflected by the novel. The characters' reasons for becoming isolated are universal and can be connected to situations found in modern music. Bronte reveals universal aspects of the human condition by highlighting the manner in which the characters become isolated- either by their own choice or unintentionally.

Catherine has made herself ill by refusing food and drink for days. Believing she is on the verge of death, Catherine becomes hysterical and remembers her childhood with Heathcliff. During this episode, Catherine reveals her true feelings about her marriage to Edgar and her longing to be a child again. “I had been wrenched from the Heights, and every early association... at that time, had been converted at a stroke into Mrs. Linton...: an exile, an outcast” (pg. 118). Catherine has unintentionally isolated herself from where she belongs and is miserable in the high-society culture of Thrushcross Grange. Although Catherine believed raising her social status and obtaining material objects would make her happy, it is not the case. Catherine does not fit in with the mannered and refined society at the Grange and realizes she truly belongs with Heathcliff. Catherine longs to be a child again because she had freedom in nature with Heathcliff, her true love. A similar situation occurs in A Billion Ernies' “Hermit Crab”. In this song, the anonymous speaker feels tortured and alone although they have all the material objects one could wish for. “This is torture at its finest state/ My blankets are warm and there's too much on my plate/ … but I think I'll sleep under the stars tonight/... I feel content... lying on a rock, sleeping in a tent/... I've got everything I need right here/ I thought I...
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