Islamic Worldview

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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„Worldview‟ is an English translation of the German term “Weltanschauung”. It is rendered in Arabic as“Ru‟yatu li al-wujud or Tasawur li al-wujud”, (زئيت نهىجىد ؤو حصىز نهىجىد Worldview Defined:

A set of attitudes on a wide range of fundamental matters. A comprehensive set of propositions about various aspects of the world. A unified and comprehensive view of the world around us and man” place within it. Basic assumptions and images that provide a more or less coherent, though not necessarily accurate, way of thinking about the world. A worldview is a profile of the way the people within a specified culture live, act ,think ,work and relate. It is a“map”or culture’s social, religious, economic and political views and relationships.

What a worldview does

A worldview encapsulates answers regarding broad questions of life understanding."These questions are lifetime concerns and sources of anxiety. They involve fundamental matters, expressed in the form of queries. Here are some examples of on going human concerns: World view influences all aspects of life:

Some worldviews such as Islam cover all aspects of life including the personal, social, economic, political , cultural,civilization besides dealing with spiritual ,moral ,and Aqidah issues.

But there are other worldviews which focus only on spiritual,material,social,or economic aspects of human life.

Any worldview should be able to answer the ultimate questions not necessary correct answers but at least consistent.

The Definition of Islamic worldview “Ru’yatal-Islam li al-wujud”

“A metaphysical survey of the visible as well as the invisible worlds including the perspective of life as a whole”.Al-Attasin“IslamandtheChallengeofModernity,p.27. Islamic worldview encompasses the issues of universe, creator, prophethood, society, man, and hereafter. It is not a worldview that is formed merely by amalgamation or historical concoction of various cultural values. Rather, it is a well...
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