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Atheists were burnt Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 84, Number 57

Mo instructed his followers to lie and to deceive their opponents in order to assassinate them. [Bukhari, 5.59.369]

This Muhammad of yours is a dwarf and fat. Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 40, Number 4731

Muslims cannot inherit from non-muslims. Sahih Muslim, Book 011, Number 3928

Muhammad agree to attack women and children. Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 256:

Muhammad delivered Qur'anic verses permitting the Muslims to fight the Meccans (see Qur'an 22:39–40

Life time house arrest for lewdness of women Qur'an 4:15

Allah will grab those who deny His guidance by the forelock and call the guards of hell. Qur'an 96:15

Meccan offered Mo a freedom to preach and in return he had to tolarate against other religions. But he refused it. Qur'an 68:8

People though Qur'an was mere a fables Qur'an 68:15

Allah/Mo burned the garden of those who don't pray in his name. Qur'an 68:17-19

Allah has thighs Qur'an 68:42

Does Muhammad ask for a fee? Qur'an 68:46

The prophet Yunus cursed those who mocked at him Qur'an 68:48-50

Mo became extreamly heavy when ayats came down Qur'an 73:5

Mo was pretty busy because of his various careers Qur'an 73:7

Mo had to be patient towards kuffar. No debate, no killing, that was before Jihad Qur'an 73:10

The Judgement Day which will turn children old. Qur'an 73:17

"Those whom Allah has favored," "those who earn Allah's anger," and "those who go astray" are Muslims, Jews, and Christians, respectively. Qur'an 1:6-7

Qur'an is for everyone. Quran 81:27

Allah promise that Mo would never forget Qur'an Qur'an 87:6

Shariah is claimed to be easy but actually not. Qur'an 87:8

Allah sweared. Does God need to swear? lol Qur'an 89:5

The earth is flat Qur'an 89:21

Allah comes with angels 89:22

Believers are slaves of Allah Qur'an 89:29, 50:8

Don't scold beggers. Looks like we must welcome fake and lazy beggers Qur'an 93:10

Atheists are lack of morality Qur'an 107:1-3

Actually Mo said that only for his own sake. He didn't tolarate toward pagans. Qur'an 109:6

Allah dealt with the owners of the elephant by sending swarms of "flying creatures". Why didn't he do so in the next times? Qur'an 105:5

Allah is the creator of evil. We must try to avoid Allah's evil creations. Qur'an 113:1-2

Mo was spelled by magic actually. Witchcraft is evil. Qur'an 113:4

Allah is claimed to be free from craving but actually not Qur'an 112:2

This ayat clearly state that 7 heavens are not 7 layers of the atmosphere. Qur'an 53:14

Angels are so small like butterflies Qur'an 53:16

Those who disbelieve in the afterlife give female names to angels. Qur'an 53:27

Qur'an should be put on a higher place. Qur'an 80:15

Doing merits at The Night of Power is equal to a thousand months. Qur'an 97:3

The moon follow the sun Qur'an 91:2

The earth is flat according to the Quran. Qur'an 91:6

Allah killed the tribe of Thamud because they killed his she-camel Qur'an 91:14

Those who persecute Muslims, without repenting, will burn in hell. (sounds unfair) Qur'an 85:15

Allah said Mecca is safe Qur'an 95:3

Allah created humans to be "of best stature" but then reduced them "to the lowest of the low". Except for "those who believe and do good works." But what about those who don't believe but do good works? Are they the "lowest of the low"? Qur'an 95:46

What is the Calamity? It is a day when dead people's bodies will be scattered like moths, consumed in a raging fire. Qur'an 101:4

Mo didn't memorize the Qur'an cuz it was Allah's duty. Qur'an 75:16

Allah can be seen Qur'an 75:23

Life is located in throat Qur'an 75:26

This verse only mentions sperm, not ovaries. Qur'an 75:37

Woe unto every slandering traducer, (for Healer) Qur'an 104:1

The sky is torn. How could it be? Qur'an 77:9

Mountains are like paperweights and the earth is like a paper lol. Qur'an 77:27

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