Islam Is Best Society for Women

Topics: Marriage, Qur'an, Divorce Pages: 8 (2852 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Islam Is The Best Society For Women

Research Paper
MS .Catton

Thesis statement:
Women have rights in Islam such as marriage , education , work , divorce , custody of children even though other societies think that women in Islam is oppressed. Outline :
I-Introduction :
II- Women’s right in Islam:
1-Choice of husband 2- Women ‘s dowry B- Inheritance
What is the role of inheritance in Islam for women ? C-Education
D -Work
E- Hijab
F –Divorce :

1- Custody of children

2- Alimony

3- Remarry

III- Polygamy

IIII- Conclusion .

In my research I tried to explain the rights women in Islam have and the relationship between a woman and her husband . Also, women have rights in marriage such as being able to choose her husband , keep her last name , have respect from her husband and the dowry. The dowry is a gift from her husband . It is just for her to keep or spend . Marriage in Islam is economic security for women . Some cultures and societies argues women to education and work . But in fact women have right to education and work as man . Because both of them must seek education and work . About inheritance some scholars and some societies think that law in Islam is unjust for women .On other hand , women in Islam take more than men because she get dowry , inheritance from her parent , her husband and any relative and alimony .Indeed , man is responsible for the expenses in his family include wife and children . In fact , women when wearing hijab it is save her from harm but , some liberated believe that hijab is oppression of women and prevent her from freedom . Actually , Islam not encourage divorce but, it is a last solution when they have many problems and can not live together . There are five types of divorce in Islam I will explain that in this paper . Also, women have the right to ask her husband for a divorce and custody of her children when she wants. The right of divorce in Islam by man because is different between a man and a woman . Therefore , some societies think that women do not have right to divorce in Islam . But in fact, there was wisdom of Allah because women use her heart more than use mind . Also, woman has the right to alimony during waiting period and when she wants custody her children after divorce . Women can remarry after three months or three periods .

Women’s right in Islam:

Marriage is very important for human society. God set rules to arrange marriage for every one. The holly Quran mentions that the natural way to be happy in our life is through a relationship between husband and wife, like Adam and Eve. They were the first married couple in human society. Marriage is recommended in Islam religion. Marriage in Islam is regarded as a strong bond between a man and a woman. Through marriage we find love and peace, comfort and hope. Therefore Islam discouraged celibacy for men and women because both of them need each other. Marriage in Islam for women is economic security because man is responsible for the expenses in life. (Jawad , 1998) The marriage contract in Islam is not complete unless there is a witness. The witness should be two men or one man and two women. Why Two Women Witnesses?

The reason these should be two women witnesses with one man is if one women forgets the other can remind her” and get two witnesses of your own men ,and if there are not two men than a man and two women such as you choose for witnesses –so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her “ (holly Quran)….[Baqarah 2;182...
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