Islam and Diane Frost

Topics: Islam, Hate crime, September 11 attacks Pages: 5 (1486 words) Published: June 14, 2011
Islamophobia: Links between terrorism, Muslim and “race hate’’.

By Mbalu Sillah

English 101
Professor Caldwell
16 June 2011

Thesis:Millions of people from different races, nationalities and cultures around the world are united by their widespread Islamic faith. Introduction
I. What is Islamaphobia?
A. What cause it?
B. Where it was use the most?
C. Who did it affect the most?
1. Muslims
2. United State
3. Europe
II. Terrorism
A. September 11, 2001
B. Europe bombing 2005
III. Media
A. Effect on Islamaphobia
B. Spread of racism
IV. Discrimination
A. Muslims
B. At work
C. Home
D. Public Places
V. Conclusion
A. Damage
B. Effect in community
Islamophobia: between terrorism, Muslim and “race hate’’. The aim of this paper is to examine weather terrorism, September 11, and the incident that happens in Europe in 2005 is the real cause of Islamophobia. The paper view in to the “race hate’’ toward Islam, media treatment and the discrimination Muslim have face in Britain communities in recent years. The article looks in to the reporting terror activities and examines the way the media spread racist news. The paper looks in to the race hate and discrimination on Muslim communities, which appears to be increasing and need to be addressed. The article focuses on the effect that September 11, 2001 had on Muslims, weather is Muslim from India, Asia, Pakistan or Middle East. They were all abuse verbally, emotionally, on the street and even their work place after the attack of September 11 and the attack on Europe in 2005. The event of September 11, 2001 had a major effect on Americans and many members of ethnic groups that call America their home and the influence of the media on increasing Islamophobia tendencies in British and American society. As discussed in Frost (2008), “punitive anti-terror legislation and other government actions are having deeply negative influence on the way Muslim communities in Britain are portray and treated”(15). The government plan in latest years has been associated in criminalizing and demonizing Muslims as terrorists and this has inspire people of the media to report on such matters in conducts that support and spread the anger Muslims face. Using Perry’s (2003) theory and applying this to the position of Muslims in the UK, dominant representations, particularly those that have appeared in the press, make clear the association between Muslim and terrorism. Diane Frost included that Representations of Islam portray a violent religion that is undermining of British norms and values that threatens British cultural identity and security, (2008). Muslim has remained the issue of controlling media action that has helped to boost and spread bigger community terror. Diane Frost stated that “Much of this coverage reaches a highest point in the outrages committed in New York 2001 and London 2005; hostile and prejudiced media coverage began before these events and has continued since, particularly in the coverage given to those who were suspected of terrorist activities” (4). In the case of London bombing in July 7, 2005, this act helped strengthened the methods that was previously in progress and obviously powered require to offset extra massacres. Thus existing anti-terror and immigration laws were strengthened and extended, even though the effectiveness of these has been uncertain; nevertheless what such measure has done is to harden and strengthen existing racist attitudes toward those supposed as Muslims (Frost, 2008). In this situation, violent attitude towards Muslims have become controlled, especially in the press. The action of the groups or individuals responsible for London bombings in July 2005 is conformation of what is already assumed that Islam is incompatible with British values. Evidence from the crown prosecution service (CPS) suggests that racially motivated crime against those perceived to be Muslim...
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