Islam and Byzantine Compare and Contrast

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Islam, Religion Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Nicholas Cooke

The Islam and Byzantine empires
Compare and contrast

The Byzantine Empire was surrounded by enemies and lasted 1000 years. This empire was very strong because it had political, military, and economic strength and its people adapted skillfully to change. The empire started to crumble because the saljuq Turks took over Asia Minor and this area was very vital to the Byzantine Empire’s food supply and also its soldiers. The religion of the Byzantine Empire was Christianity and the leaders were the patriarchs of Rome. A significant religious debate concerned holy pictures called icons of Jesus, Virgin Mary, and the saints. Due to the fact that the Byzantine Empire created their own silk industry they no longer need to depend on china or Persia for their silk. A very interesting place to go in Byzantine Empire would be the Hagia Sophia it is 240 feet wide and 270 feet long in the form of a cross. What I like about the Byzantine Empire is that they believe in god and that for a nation/empire can last 1000 years while you are surrounded by enemies that hate your guts. The best Byzantine Empire leader was Justinian he was the best due to the fact that he knew who to pick to help him lead the empire and they were his wife Theodora and the commander and chief of his army Belisarius. I would say the best time for the Islam Empire would be in the early 600s. The Islam religion includes a Quran (holy book) like most religions do and they believe in one god and no one it equal to that god. They sold there daughters off to be married and they called that a Dower it’s a set price for the man to pay to the daughter as a gesture of love. A nice place to visit in Islam would be the great mosque of Córdoba and it took 200 years to create. Also, a nice place to visit would be the dome of the rock in Jerusalem and the great mosque at Samarra. I like the fact that people are very religious there and that they...
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