Is Torture Ever Justified

Topics: Witchcraft, Death Penalty, Witch-hunt Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: December 10, 2012
NAME: Liu Yiran
ID: 11412011
TA: Ramesh Ganohariti
Instructor: VYAS Utpal
The Serious Consequences Of Torture
The subject of my article is Torture. I would like to talk about the serious consequences of torture. Let's make an example about that. Filled with brutal torture and capital punishment witch trial. Let me briefly explain background events.

From the fourteenth century to the seventeenth century, during this period of up to three hundred years, the whole of Europe into a female Asian trial turmoil. Everybody who was accused of being witches, whether it is true or false, one after another was arrested after brutal torture, and then burned them in public. The reason for this mass murder, the first reminiscent of the reason is social unrest. 30% of the populations in Europe died from the Black Death, the living person have to face the serious inflation and intense religious reform movement. People do not know how to resolve the unrest, later, they found a way to vent, and that is the "witch". And later, the Pope established a convent to begin work towards the suppression of heresy. Worse yet, superstition and cruelty-famous 20-II Pope, he promulgated the fatwa in February 27, 1318, decided the tragic fate of the "witch". They think witches can use magic to harm anyone. Social instability、 underdevelopment of science and technology、 the vulnerable groups of women and religion flourished caused the full-scale war of the people with the Witch. Most of the witch trials, initially by acquaintances inform against or triggered by rumors of the streets. If there is a village outbreak of infectious disease or anyone who had an accident, the people began to suspect the loner woman or a nasty woman in the village, then put all sins onto her. Then the trial court would impose on her tortured, until she cannot stand the torture, then admit that she is a witch. They also have a whistleblower system. The informants without any restrictions, children can denounced...
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