Is There Too Much of Commercialism in the Internet?

Topics: Advertising, Good, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: February 13, 2011

As the world becomes technologically advanced, computer plays a significant role in various aspects, in terms of the business. Nowadays, we can see that there are many of commercial activities in the internet such as product advertising. This holds a considerable discussion amongst group people. Some people believe that this provides plenty benefits, while other people totally disagree with this.

For those who are in favor of commercialism in internet do so, because internet is a worldwide. Many people can view any kind of advertisings on the websites, as well as possible of online trading. Hence, this is very useful for both customer and seller. Also, some advertisements may be a useful source of information for customers. Moreover, a cyber-banking on the website is a very useful service. Instead of having to go to the bank, the businessman can access to the internet, in order to complete his transaction. Not only can a commercial in the internet make our lives become easier, but it also makes make some service become more accessible. For instance, a booking service for airplane ticket is available on the website. Just a click of mouse, we can book our airplane tickets.

On the other hand, some people totally disagree with this due to the reason the commercialism in the internet seems to be source of harassment. Sometimes, the advertising keeps on appearing on our computer screen, though we don’t want to see it. Similarly, some advertising may be misled that creates a misconceived among group customer. To make a purchase of good or service in the internet are very risky. For example, the customer received the good. Furthermore, there is also a possible of cybercrime, such as hacking of personal email. In most cases, people were deceived to transfer large amount money via online bank account.

Although, commercialism in the internet creates a lot negative impact on people, there are still many good...
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