Is the American Dream All About Money?

Topics: Facebook, English-language films, Mark Zuckerberg Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Recently, people commonly think that the American dream is all about being rich and other kind of lazy stuff. In other words “easy money”. But that is not actually true. The real idea of the American dream is: opportunities, because in America you have the opportunity to pursuit your dream. In the American dream you have the opportunities to be, create, have or build almost whatever you want in other words to “live good”. One of the biggest exponents of this complete idea of American dream is Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. He represents it because his self-made fortune and because he achieved better social conditions in his life.

This guy was born in 1984 in a mid-class Family with no high privileges or big quantities of money. During his early life he attended to normal school and a normal preparatory school, a “normal life”. He had good skills with computer programming and he liked it since he was a child. He hired a tutor on programming at high school who said he was a prodigy. Someone later said that while other kids played games he made them, this shows the ability skills and opportunities to be someone as he was the best on what he was doing.

AOL and Microsoft wanted to recruit him because of a successful media player that he designed but he instead went to pursuit a bigger dream as he entered Harvard in 2002. He had the opportunity to have a good job and to have a normal life but he rejected it because he wanted to pursuit his dream. At Harvard he received the treatment of a nerd, he was rejected from society with the exception of his few friends. He went on with his career making useful programs and stuff. He finally got tired of the way he was treated. That situation made him with the idea of making some web applications to try to gain popularity and he actually did as an excellent programmer.

With that reputation, someone told him about the idea of a network where Harvard students could share their information- “the opportunity”- and...
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